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Book Reviews

One Last Stop Review

August is a twenty-three year old who is so cynical because of her upbringing, she’s destined to be alone. She moves to New York in hopes of findin...

The Project Review

Lo is a 19 year old secretary for a CEO of an up and coming magazine. She's an aspiring writer with a difficult past. When she was younger, she was...

You Have A Match Review

So. Flipping. Cute. Emma Lord's first book, Tweet Cute, was so adorable and cheesy and everything you need in a teenage rom-com. And she's done it ...

Kingdom of the Wicked Review

  I received a copy of Kingdom of the Wicked from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. I’ll lay it out there now, I already loved Kerri Man...

In A Holidaze Review

This book gave me all the holiday feels. I wanted to cozy up by the fireplace with a big cozy blanket and some hot chocolate to read this. Of cours...

Something Happened To Ali Greenleaf Review

Ali Greenleaf had a crush on Sean Nessel. So when he invited Ali's friend Raj and her to a party, she figured she'd finally make a move. A few drin...

The Way I Used To Be Review

Beautifully written. I read this book in a day, so attached to Eden and her story. I’m still drying the tears as I write this review right now. 

The Bottom Line For Baby Review

I cannot stress it enough that this book is SO FLIPPING IMPORTANT. Like, I'm not exaggerating when I say that I will be purchasing The Bottom Line ...

Burn Our Bodies Down Review

Margot's mom isn't a regular mom. She's difficult and mysterious, and Margot really struggles to get along with her. She's always wanted a family, ...

They Wish They Were Us Review

Fans of Gossip Girl and One of Us Is Lying rejoice! This book was the perfect mix of the two. This quick paced book can easily be read in 24 hours....