A Very Large Expanse of Sea Review

A Contemporary YA gem from Fantasy writer, Tahereh Mafi, A Very Large Expanse of Sea is a must read for anyone and everyone.

Picture being a teenage Muslim living in America after 9/11. That’s the life of Shirin, a 16-year old who is having a harder time in high school than most 16-year old’s. Shirin’s parents are constantly moving and relocating to provide a “better life” in a better school district, forcing Shirin and her brother, Navid, to start over. Not difficult for Navid, who seems to make friends and be popular wherever they move to. But for Shirin? Wearing a hijab post-9/11 doesn’t bring in the friend crowd. While Shirin navigates her new high school, gets bullied, and even beat up, she refuses to let anyone to get close to her. Then comes Ocean James. He’s the first person who actually wanted to get to know the real Shirin. Ocean is the star basketball player and the school’s golden boy. While trying to let her guard down, Shirin and Ocean navigate the difficulties of an intercultural relationship post-9/11. Can they make it through what seems impossible? Can Shirin break down these walls she’s spent years building, and show the real Shirin?

I felt so many feelings during this book and I think what made it even better was that I went into this book knowing little to nothing about it. I had zero expectations or knowledge of what was to come. I fell in love with Shirin, Navid, and especially Ocean, as I read (and listened to) this book in just one day.

Great for people who enjoy:
  • Diverse Representation
  • Learning Experiences
  • Easy and Sweet Contemporary Romance

Be careful with that," I said, nodding at the paper, "because if you text me too much, you'll have to marry me. It's the rules in my religion.”