Burn Our Bodies Down Review

I got this book as an Advanced Readers Copy from NetGalley and I'm putting it out there now, I wasn't a fan. But I think ALOT of people would be fans and enjoy it much more than I did. Hence why I'm doing the review. Burn Our Bodies Down is Rory Power's second novel. Her first, Wilder Girls, I wasn't a fan of either. Both were well written but a little too supernatural for my liking.

Margot's mom isn't a regular mom. She's difficult and mysterious, and Margot really struggles to get along with her. She's always wanted a family, and after finding a photo in a bible her mom pawned off for money, she calls the number on the back. A woman answers who says she's Margot's grandmother. Could she have a chance to belong to a real family finally? Once she arrives in Phalene, the town her mom grew up in, she pulls a mysterious girl out from a fire who has the same face as Margot. No one will give Margot a straight answer, she she has to find out for herself.

Great for people who enjoy:

  • Supernatural Stories
  • Wilder Girls by Rory Power
  • Thrillers

"It's easy to convince yourself of something if you just pretend it's the truth."