Kingdom of the Wicked Review


I received a copy of Kingdom of the Wicked from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. I’ll lay it out there now, I already loved Kerri Maniscalco and her writing style before reading, but this blew me away. You can really tell how much love and time and energy went into writing this book. It’s so beautifully written. Maniscalco built an amazing world of witches, demons, and everything in between. The banter between Emilia and Wrath is funny and real in so many ways. The love that Emilia has for her family is so sincere and you really felt it while reading. I really enjoyed Emile and Wrath’s relationship throughout the book. I feel like Maniscalco can have you rooting for and hating a character all at the same time. The beginning gave me all the dark witchy vibes I had been expecting and the ending had me wanting more.

Emilia and her twin Vittoria live in a small town in Sicily. They're witches, who live quietly and in secret among humans. Growing up, Emilia and Vittoria's Nonna told them stories of Dark Arts and Wicked Princes of Hell. Vittoria is the twin who lives life on the edge and tries anything, while Emilia is perfectly content working in her family's restaurant's kitchen brewing up recipes rather than spells. One night, when Vittoria doesn't show up to the restaurant Emilia goes looking for her, and finds her body. Vittoria's body is missing her heart. Emilia sets out on a quest to find Vittoria's murderer and seek vengeance at all costs. 


Great for people who enjoy:

  • Dark Academia
  • Sister Relationships
  • Historical Fiction

 "There are seven demon princes, but only four di Carlos should fear: Wrath, Greed, Envy, and Pride. One will crave your blood. One will capture your heart. One will steal your soul. And one will take your life." "The Wicked."