Something Happened To Ali Greenleaf Review


I have so many mixed feelings about this book, even after writing a review for this book through the publisher. The character development throughout the book was great. I loved seeing Ali and Blythe come to terms with who they are. The whole idea of the book and what it represents was well executed. But I don't know how I actually feel about it. I felt like, at times, the story line was so exaggerated and unrealistic while at other times I felt like the characters could have easily been me or my friends. 

Ali Greenleaf had a crush on Sean Nessel. So when he invited Ali's friend Raj and her to a party, she figured she'd finally make a move. A few drinks later and Sean pushes Ali too far. When she resists, he rapes her. Blythe is Sean's friend. She knows how Sean is with girls, but when Sean asks her to befriend Ali and help him she can't resist coming to his rescue. Blythe brings Ali into the dark world of the popular circle, showing her things that no one outside of the circle knows or can know about. Both girls are survivors and are on a journey to empower themselves through different scenarios. I really appreciated Krisher giving readers a heads up before the story began about the trigger warnings and also providing resources at the end of the book.   


Great for people who enjoy:

  • Real Life Scenarios
  • Traumatic Story Lines
  • Emotional Reads

 "You can either get really depressed about your life or you can shove that depression so deep inside you and hide it with snarkiness. I'm not saying the second option is healthy. I'm sure I'll die of an ulcer at age forty-six.