The King's 100 Review

Karin Biggs' debut novel is a breath of fresh air! A Young Adult novel that doesn't include all the battles and wars that most fantasy or dystopian novels include. Extremely original, this book was filled with plenty of characters to love and see grow throughout the book. This is a perfect book for fans who like a little mystery, a little fantasy, without taking over the plot. I asked Biggs, who left this book with a cliff hanger, and she is working on a sequel! I can't wait!

We first meet 16-year-old Piper in her no-nonsense, loveless, and science-only kingdom of Capalon. As princess she is seen as a disappointment to her older sister, the Queen. Piper doesn't fit into Capalon's strict life, simply because she experiences feelings and loves to sing, something that is forbidden in her kingdom. When she receives an anonymous note telling her that her mother is still alive and living in the King of Mondaria's castle, Piper decides to find her. She steals a Mondarian identity, sneaks out of her kingdom and tries out for the King's court of performers, The King's 100. There she risks everything, including death, to find her mother whom she believes is still alive. But soon she discovers all of the things she's been missing out in the heartless Capalon, including friendship and love.

If you're just getting into YA Dystopian or Fantasy and don't want to run head first into it, this book is perfect for you!

Great for people who enjoy:

  • Light Romance
  • The Selection by Kiera Cass
  • YA Fantasy but not hard core, battle type

“I would rather die happy as your enemy, then live one more day in this prison!”