The Lucky Ones Review

I'm laying it out there right now.. This book is not for the lighthearted. It covers a lot of intense and difficult topics. It covers PTSD, bullying, anxiety, and many other emotional and physical aspects of being "the lucky ones" who made it out alive. But are they really living? Check out Liz Lawson's debut novel, The Lucky Ones.

Eleven months after the school shooting that killed her twin brother, May has so many questions and very little answers. She left the room alive, while her band-mates didn't. She's a survivor, but she is alone. Meanwhile, Zach is alone but not for the same reasons. His girlfriend dumped him, his friend's ditched him, and his mom is so wrapped up in her case defending the school shooter. When they meet at a band practice for their friends, they realize they may not have to be alone. 

This was a very emotional book. This book is about the people left behind in the aftermath of a tragedy. Telling the story through two POVs allows the reader to really see the emotional trauma shared by people, even those who were not even at the school during the shooting.

Great for people who enjoy:

  • Contemporary Young Adult
  • Literally feeling every feeling possible while reading a book
  • Relevant and Timely Storyline
  • Plot Twists

"Jordan wouldn’t have wanted you to come out of that closet; he wouldn’t have blamed you for staying in there. He would have wanted you to live. Fucking live, May."