The Project Review


I was given this Advanced Reader Copy by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. I wanted to like this book. I saw so many people raving about it. But I think I was let down by all the hype. The book itself is well written. There's no doubt that Summers is an amazing author. But it wasn't until I was about 60% through that I started getting interested in the book. I usually like cults, but The Unity Project wasn't interesting in my eyes. I also wasn't a big fan of the main character, Lo. I found her to be boring, weak, annoying, and cocky. I usually like a two person POV but this one, along with the time changes, made it very confusing as some points.


Lo is a 19 year old secretary for a CEO of an up and coming magazine. She's an aspiring writer with a difficult past. When she was younger, she was in a car crash that killed both her parents and left her older sister completely broken. Her sister, Bea, finds comfort in a man named Lev, who leads Bea to believe that he brought Lo back from the dead. Bea falls into Lev's world of The Project and cuts off all ties to Lo and their great aunt Patty. Years later, a mysterious boy speaks to Lo telling her to find the truth before taking his own life in front of her. With no family left, Lo is desperate to find Bea and help her out of this cult. But not everything is as it seems. Lo finds herself wrapped in the world of The Project and may not be able to find her way out.  

Great for people who enjoy:
  • Dark Topics
  • Cults
  • Whodunit

 "Having a sister is a promise no one but the two of you can make - and no one but the two of you can break."