They Wish They Were Us Review

Fans of Gossip Girl and One of Us Is Lying rejoice! This book was the perfect mix of the two. This quick paced book can easily be read in 24 hours. It's your typical YA Thriller, but I'm all for it. Jessica Goodman's debut novel and the first in The Player's Table series, They Wish They Were Us will leave you wanting more!

Readers follow Jill and her group of friends, The Players. The Players are an elite group at their prestigious preparatory school in Long Island. They did a lot of things to make it to the top, some easy and some they'd much rather forget about. Being at the top has it's advantages, like copies of tests, the best parties, and getting into the school of your dreams. Jill learned early on that it's not always fun and games when her best friend, Shaila, was killed by her boyfriend Graham the night of their initiation into The Players. Now it's senior year and Jill starts to believe that Graham is innocent. How far will she go to find the truth?

I just heard through the grapevine that this book has been optioned for a TV series. I really hope it goes through so I can get more of The Players!

Great for people who enjoy:

  • One Of Us Is Lying
  • Gossip Girl
  • Plot Twists

"Look around. Look at everyone else. They wish they were us."