You Have A Match Review

So. Flipping. Cute. Emma Lord's first book, Tweet Cute, was so adorable and cheesy and everything you need in a teenage rom-com. And she's done it again with You Have a Match. I absolutely loved the characters. Abby Day is my kinda girl: adventurous and mischievous with her own problems. And her newfound sister, Savvy, is everything I've wanted in a sister (if I had one!). The setting was perfect, a summer camp that brings back so many great memories for me.  

Abby Day does a DNA test to help her best friend (and love interest) feel more comfortable about him sending out a DNA test. She expects the basics to come back when BAM she has a match. A sister who is a year and a half older than her. Before she even has time to process it, said sister sends her a message asking to meet up. Freshly found sisters Abby and Savvy meet up and decide they need more time to figure out why their parents would place Savvy for adoption and have Abby shortly after. The logical answer: Summer Camp. There they learn more about each other and even more about themselves.  

Great for people who enjoy:
  • High School Rom-Com
  • Family Issues
  • Summer Camp!

 "I think in life you can know you're loved without peering too closely at the edges of it."