You'd Be Home Now Review

I was given this Advanced Reader Copy by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Five stars for Kathleen Glasgow! This story is so powerful and real and everything I think people need to read these days. A raw and honest take at addiction, the pressures of teenage-dom and childhood, and growing up. Beautifully written, hard-hitting, and something I'll be suggesting friends and family to read for years to come. 

Emory and her family are used to the pressures that come with their name. Each family member has their purpose and does it well. Maddie is the pretty popular one, Joey is the "bad" one, and Emory is the good and quiet one. But Emory's world is rocked when she finds herself in a car accident that kills a popular girl named Candy, sends the driver to Juvie, and her brother Joey overdosed on Heroin. Going into Junior Year is hard enough, but doing it with the "druggie brother" and having been a part of the car accident that killed Candy is making it even more difficult. Emory deals with her issues quietly while trying to be the good quiet one her parents expect from her. But she begins to see there's more to every person she meets and even more to who she is. This is a coming of age and coming to your true self book if I've ever read one. 

Great for people who enjoy:
  • Contemporary Young Adult
  • Real Life Situations
  • Brother-Sister Bonds 

"You can be around people every day of your life and not really see them, you know? They're just a collection of things, like baseball gloves and tousled hair and wide grins, and you don't paw around any deeper because you think you have them all figured out, already, just by what you can see on the outside."