About Us

Hi I'm Jess!

I'm a twenty-something wife, mother, and friend.

I truly enjoy what I do here at Get Happy Tees: Making fun shirts and vinyl decals for people who enjoy the same things as me. 

My shirts are made to order and printed Direct-To-Garment. This means they will not peel or crack like Vinyl shirts do. You can wear your Get Happy Tees as many times as you'd like, with as many washes as you like, and they'll still fit and feel the same as the day you received them!

My vinyl decals are made to order as well. Every order that comes through I cut, weed, and package the decal with a personalized note. I take pride in my work and hope that you enjoy every order placed through Get Happy Tees.

If you're interested in what books I've read, check out my Book Reviews and Goodreads

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